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Best eReaders: Upgrade your print book library for greater storage and accessibility

With millions of publishers offering alternatives to print, it's easier than ever to find your favorite books in accessible digital formats, and keep your entire library stored within eReaders or clouds. EReaders provide an environmentally friendly alternative to buying books, allowing you to store thousands of eBooks within the device that can be accessed and read instantaneously. Unlike print books, eReaders also offer helpful accessibility features too, making reading easier with glare-free a

Best TVs under $300: Great viewing that doesn't cost a month's rent

Tech is fast, and televisions are no exception to the rule, as they become both more affordable and advanced with robust features. The trend of how we enjoy our entertainment may be shifted to mobile and desktop devices, but there is still a distinct charm and place for watching your favourite shows and movies on a TV. Watching an engrossing series, especially as a family or in a group setting, is a viewing experience that just isn't quite replicated on other devices.

Luckily, you don't have to

Best tripod phone mounts: The support your photos need

Having a solid and stable photo setup makes capturing the perfect shot much easier. While lots of camera professionals come with a tripod in their kit, tripod for your smartphone is also wort the investment, especially as cameras on phones continue to get better and promote professional-grade quality. Additionally, a tripod phone mount is a great tool for taking video calls, a timed group photo, or even content creation, ensuring a hands-free operation and stability. Fortunately, these mounts pr

Best G-Shock watches: Which model is right for you?

When Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe introduced the G-shock in 1983, he aimed to build some of the world's strongest watches. And after 200 tries, he got the brand to a point where it pretty much lives up to its "Absolute Toughness" slogan, with some models resisting up to 200 meters of water and boasting a ten-year life battery.

Enduring everything from sports recreation, mountain hiking, warfare applications, and even space flights, G-shock watches are durable and innovative. Complementing the harsh

Best weird tech: 7 unique and fun devices

From the new Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro series to the Echo Show 8 that just debuted, which features the same familiar form factor but with an evolved home screen, modern tech innovations opt for refining practical usage. While honing in on use-case is helpful, and those small differences add up, there's rarely conversation surrounding tech that is both useful and wildly creative. Taking a break from the mainstream influx of "tech-tober" hardware, we compiled a list of the best funky tech

Best Garmin Fenix 7 Straps: Secure and stylish fits for all

• Easy to fit, Garmin provides a durable lightweight and breathable silicone band that fits snug on your wrist. Available through multiple retailers, but directly through Garmin you will find 25 silicone colour options to best match your preference and personal style.
• Garmin’s premium, secure, comfortable, and beautiful nylon strap is stitched with the utmost consideration and feels good around the wrist. It is designed to complement your style for those special occasions and is available in

Best bone conduction headphones: Top options for safe exercise and productive work

Bone conduction headphones differ from traditional in or over-ear headphones in a pretty big way: They don't actually sit in -or- on your ears. Yes, you heard that right, instead snuggly fitting within your ear, bone conduction headphones wrap around your head and deliver sound via vibrations. Providing a more open sound, far from active noise cancelling (ANC) capabilities of many wireless earbuds on the market, the ear canal remains free, with no obtruding speaker that could overwork your eardr

The 5 best PC mice: Compare click-worthy options from Logitech, Microsoft, and more

Whether you want to max out your workflow or gaming power, a PC mouse is a powerful essential. From wired to Bluetooth options, there are plenty on the market that help you command control over your computer, but it comes down to choosing which model that best suits your budget, wrist, and work habits.

To help you find the best computer mouse that compliments both you and your computer the best, we compiled a list of the best available, considering factors like portability, button control, pric

The 7 Best Game Recording Software of 2023

Best Overall: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) at OBS

"OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux."

Best for Simplicity: Fraps at Fraps

"This easy-to-use software is light in weight (2.3 MB) and simple in both function and design."

Best for Nvidia Graphics Cards: Nvidia ShadowPlay at Nvidia

"Nvidia ShadowPlay comes with two different modes for gamers: shadow mode and manual."

Best for 4K Resolution and High Frame Rate: Action! at Action Recorder


The Best Gaming Consoles of 2023

The latest console generation boasts excellent graphics, powerful specs, and many games. The three big dogs are Sony with the PlayStation 5, Microsoft with the Xbox Series X and Nintendo with the Switch. All three consoles fit into their particular niches, with the PS5 having an advantage in exclusives at launch, the Series X being power graphically potent on paper, and the Nintendo Switch being the ideal portable device.

What to Look For in a Gaming Console The newest gaming consoles can be pr

The 9 Best Classic Video Games

If you're looking for classic arcade and console games to play on your Xbox One, here are our top picks. They're available on the Xbox Game Catalog or the Xbox official website.

In 1991, Mario’s biggest rival was more universally recognized and popular than him, and for good reason. Sonic The Hedgehog was a fast-paced platform game with vibrant colorful graphics and catchy songs that featured a little blue hedgehog. His attitude was modeled after Bill Clinton, while his shoes were inspired by M

The Best Walkie-Talkies of 2023

The best walkie-talkies are a fantastic way to keep small teams in touch with one another. Besides providing constant communication that can withstand some remarkably harsh operating conditions, some radios have features to turn them into true workhorses. Some boast features like built-in LED flashlights, FM radios, and emergency weather updates. Any of our best walkie-talkies are fantastic for anyone frequently escaping to the boonies or just needing a constant line of communication between tea

The Best Android Screen Protectors

The best Android screen protectors ensure your device is scratch and crack-free. Screen protectors are a defense barrier between your glass touch screen and the surrounding environment. These sheets should be durable and compatible with your device. Putting one on correctly takes precision but is crucial for the success of your protector's capabilities. Remember that your screen protector only covers the front of your screen; you must buy a case to secure the back from other types of damage like

The Best Charging Cables for Android

Measuring 10 feet long, the Anker PowerLine micro USB charging cable is a terrific selection for Android fans seeking a reliable name and lengthy cord. Available in five colors, the Anker boasts a strengthened construction with a bulletproof aramid fiber design, making it tougher and more reliable than standard cables.

Additionally, Anker tests the durability of the cables with over 5,000 bends during its lifespan, making it last on average nearly ten times longer than the cable that comes with

The Best Android Cases of 2023

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best possible Android case for your needs: style, affordability, and durability. You can choose between the best-looking cases and those geared explicitly toward drop protection and keeping your device safe.

What to Look For in an Android Case
• None Can be hard to get on and off The Caseology Parallax is an excellent choice for Pixel smartphones. It protects your phone from scratches and drops, and it's designed to absorb shock and limit

The Best Home Audio Systems of 2023

The best home audio sound system can transform watching movies, TV, and sports at home into a powerful, immersive experience. They range from single soundbars to tiny stereo systems and complete surround speaker setups. Factors like room size play a huge role in deciding the necessary power and wattage for your speaker arrangement, and other details should help you pick your perfect device.
• None Negates the need for a separate receiver unit This massive 7.1-channel 600 Watt soundbar from Nakam

12 times movies and TV got technology completely wrong

Let's face it: there are a lot of things Hollywood doesn't get, and some of its biggest blunders have centered around technology. From the idea that you can steal the internet in Live Free or Die Hard to automagically enhancing any photo with computers, how Hollywood uses tech often makes absolutely zero sense. So, in the spirit of levity and laughing at some ridiculous notions of how technology works, here are 12 times movies and TV shows got technology completely wrong.
• None See our top pick

Hot Watch Edge review

Originally championed for innovative gesture controls, the steeply priced Hot Watch Edge holds twice as many flaws as it does features.

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

When PH Technical Labs (PHTL) launched a Kickstarter for its $179 (£116, AU$230) Hot Watch back on July 31, 2013, it championed individuality through revolutionary innovation. This was a smartwatch t

iFit Active review

The iFit Active works as a standard introductory fitness wearable with durable jacketing and long battery life. It's unfortunately overpriced and relies heavily on its buggy app that requires manual loggings everyday for your complete dietary and exercise history.

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Everyday, electronics constantly evolve by adapting to meet our lifest

What is the Cicret Bracelet wearable?

Are wearables simply a passing fad? Or are they still gaining steam? It may be the latter if companies keep innovating and reaching for new ways to put tech on our bodies. With Google Glass hitting a wall, likely for being too expensive and awkward looking, it seems like the wrist is where the wearables war will be won.

On October 30, 2014, a French company called Cicret published a video on YouTube that immediately went viral, garnering 6.2 million views and counting. What was the fuss about?

BackBeat Fit review

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Plantronics is part of history; the Federal Aviation Agency selected the lightweight headsets as the standard sole provider for air traffic controllers in the mid 60's. Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon were transmitted through a Plantronics headset.

The company's new product, the $129.99 (about £81.73, AU$149.84) BackBeat Fit

Hacker group challenges Singapore government

Internet hacker group Anonymous has amped up awareness in response to criminal proceedings against Singaporean hackers connected to the group. On February 9, 2014 at 8am in Singapore, the group executed their second tweet storm as a form of protesting various arrests linked to the hacktivist (a play on hacker and activist) collective made back in 2012; a spike of 700 tweets over 24-hours used #FreeAnonsSG.

→ A “tweet storm” is a sudden flurry of activity surrounding a certain topic on the Twitt

Disaster in the Philippines: Japan never forgets

“We will never forget what the Philippines did for us in 2011,” said Kenzo Iwakami of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (Jica), the team leader of the Japanese medical mission that is currently aiding the Philippines’ tsunami victims.

Japan sent a group of 25 medical workers and disaster relief experts to Manila on November 11, with the goal of helping the nation that bared its hand in helping Japan two years ago.

On March 11, 2011, Japan’s northeastern region suffered a 9-magnitud

Sony Playstation to hit ASEAN markets in December

Sony announced on November 12that its next-generation video game console, the Playstation 4 (PS4), will be going on sale in Singapore on December 19 and will hit the market in Malaysia on December 20. The basic set will retail for S$639 ($512) in Singapore, and RM1,799 ($562) in Malaysia.

Sony plans on releasing the PS4 with bundle sets that include a camera and games. One bundle option packed includes the Battlefield 4, a game that is anticipated to rake in high sales due to popularity. The ot
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